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Dear STAI Member:

The STAI Executive Committee is committed to maintaining a high quality technical program at our semi-annual meetings. This includes both the content and quantity of papers presented and included in our proceedings. It is our goal to have a minimum of 25 papers presented at each meeting with topics of high interest to the general membership.

Here are some of the things that you can do to help:

1) Present one (or more) paper(s) at each meeting, not just once per year to meet the minimum requirement.

2) Identify topics that are relevant and interesting to the membership. Some examples are:

    a) A facility problem that has been encountered and how it was handled...(even if it hasn't been resolved).
    b) Facility upgrades, current and planned.
    c) New technologies integrated into facility operation (even if they didn't work as expected)

3) Decide on your topic(s) early so that you have adequate time to prepare an outstanding technical paper and briefing.

4) Respond promptly to the Call for Papers from the host organization. This will allow them time to develop a cohesive technical program for the meeting.

Enhancing the technical program content will make our meetings much more enjoyable and beneficial. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

President-Elect STAI
Technical Program Chairman

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Last Updated: May 28, 2009